Wednesday, June 5, 2013

B: Battles

There are several battles in Across the Stars. Honestly, before I wrote the first written battle, "The Battle of Feliho Forest," I was worried. I had never written a battle before, and I wasn't sure if I could do it. I remember looking at every written battle I could think of, but it didn't really help. Finally, I just wrote. "The Battle of Feliho Forest" was one of the most exciting writing experiences I have ever had. There was no effort involved. The words just came. "The Battle of Feliho Forest" has experienced a few revisions, but essentially it is the same.

"The Battle of Feliho Forest" is the first battle the Watsons were involved in. It was planned by Charles Watson, and executed by their band of farmers and children. And the odds weren't very good. How it turned out...well, you'll have to read that for yourself.

One of the other battles, "The Battle of Theotocop," involves Anthony Williamson, and shows him the consequences of his rash behavior.

The last battle in the book also takes place in the city of Theotocop. The Watsons take "A Desperate Measure" and attack the king at his castle. I had no idea how the attack would go when I started writing it. The battle plan was Charles's, not mine. The circumstances resulting from the battle were ones I was not sure how to get my characters out of, but eventually I did. To find out how you'll have to read the book to find out.

Look for the Kindle version of Across the Stars. I hope to have it up by the end of the week. You can read the first three chapters for free. Just go to "My Books" and click on Across the Stars.

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