Thursday, June 27, 2013

N: Notes

“Notes” is the title of chapter eight, the first chapter about Hanna Straite. Notes are also what gets Hanna involved in the story. She finds several unfinished notes written by Prince Jorrid, and from them, speculates that there is an evil plot afoot. These notes are rather central to Hanna’s story, despite the fact that she cannot read them herself.

In the paperback edition of Across the Stars, I have included illustrations. The figures in the illustrations were sculpted by my sister Rebekah, and photographed by my sister Addyson. For one picture of Hanna, Prince Jorrid’s notes are scattered all over the floor. I made these by tearing paper into little pieces and crumpling them up. So the all-important notes even made it into the illustrations.

What is in the notes? Well, that’s a secret…one that is revealed in chapters 8 and 15 of Across the Stars.

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