Wednesday, June 19, 2013

J: JudyAnne Williamson

JudyAnne Williamson is the first Emarotian the Watsons meet, the first Emarotian readers meet, and the first Emarotian I met when I made up Across the Stars. That’s a fact.

 JudyAnne is described as a short, plump, motherly-looking woman when she is first introduced into the story. She is Anthony’s mother and a first cousin of Felix’s mother. She is a friendly, hospitable, motherly woman with an annoying habit of constantly saying “That’s a fact.”

JudyAnne is introduced in chapter three, which was the last chapter I made up before deciding to write Across the Stars down. JudyAnne likely had something to do with that decision. From the moment she appeared in the story, she had a very distinct personality. She is really nice, and is a person Felix can come to when his life gets too difficult to bear. She has had to deal with great hardship, but still manages to be cheerful. She is a strong Christian, and it is this faith that has helped her through the difficult times.

JudyAnne and her home are rather an anchor for the story. Without her, the history of Emoria would not have been told, and Across the Stars would be missing something that only she can bring. That’s a fact.

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  1. "That's a fact!" LOL One of my favorite lines in the whole book! It's part of what makes JudyAnne so unique and lovable!


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