Monday, June 10, 2013

D: Dungeon

I love dungeon scenes. I know, it’s strange. I trace my love of dungeon scenes back to Kate DiCamillo’s The Tale of Despereaux, one of my childhood favorites. There’s just something so wonderfully terrible about dungeons. So naturally, I couldn’t resist putting my characters into one. In each narrative, there is at least one dungeon scene, (though Felix’s and Anthony’s are somewhat combined). I really enjoyed creating the dungeon. I could almost see it, feel the terror of the character going into it.

The dungeon beneath the castle in Theotocop is completely dark, filled with rats, reeking refuse, and moaning prisoners. I wouldn’t want to go there myself, but to send my characters there…well, that’s the stuff stories are made of. I can’t say that the dungeon scenes in the book are as good as they were in my mind (certainly the one containing the characters Hanna and Sam isn’t), but still they convey the horror and utter despair contained in the dungeon beneath the castle.

You can read more about the dungeon in Across the Stars, now available on Amazon Kindle. The print version should be ready soon, as well.

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